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Why It Is Hard To Be Consistent

This is me talking to you all really, hoping to get the answer. Why is it hard to be consistent? Why is it hard to follow through on our commitments? How many times have I done this myself, on this site? On the YouTube Channel? I'm trying to figure it out.

As a new parent, time is at more of a premium than it used to be for me. That isn't the real reason though. I wasn't consistent here even before my son was born. I had/have so many lofty goals for Cash Boner. They don't always get realized however. I've talked about different subjects I want to cover. I've talked about redesigning the website. I have so many things on lists that still haven't been started. Why? How do you all handle follow through? How do you decide to work on your passion project versus opening a beer and loading up Hades for the umpteenth time? Do lists work for you? Reminders? I'm hoping that by putting this out admitting that so much of Cash Boner's lack of additional success is on me, I will get more motivation to follow through on all my lists. I believe I have valuable insight. This isn't like in prior years where I thought that my views on games and like things was somehow revolutionary or unique enough to warrant everyone's attention. I have now made about $600 this year from different apps/website programs. That could be someone's rent! This doesn't count referrals either. I want everyone to be able to take advantage. Sure I may make a little from some referrals, but that shouldn't stop everyone from potentially joining these programs. It takes consistency. That is difficult. I apologize for ranting, I just wanted to get this out into the world with the hope that it will help me be more consistent with Cash Boner and all other projects. Have a happy holiday weekend all! Comment below or email me with your ideas and best practices on consistency.

Get boning!

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