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Why I Love Struggle Meals Even Though I Don't Cook

OK that title is technically a lie. I make a mean PB&J Sandwich and a very balanced bowl of Corn Flakes. However, both of those would technically be struggle meals so...I was already on it before I saw the show. Who would watch a cooking show though when they don't cook, let alone love it? Let me go into it.

Struggle Meals Struggle Challenge
Struggle Meals

Frankie C. started Struggle Meals as a show on Facebook several years ago. He is having more success with it now, a new season having just started on the Taste Made channel(so happy for him). The show's initial premise was how to make cheap and nutritious meals for under $2 a plate. I immediately though "Sandwiches and top ramen!". So why is this appealing to me, and why do I think that everyone should watch the show? Here's why:

He outlines step by step how much every ingredient costs, and it makes the whole concept of home cooked meals less intimidating, and more appealing. I honestly always believed that meals cooked at home cost way more, which made the decision to eat out more justifiable. Those of us who lived off Jack in The Box dollar menu items know the struggle. If this was something that aired years ago when I was struggling, I would have made an effort to stay in and save money.

It motivates you to save EVERY piece of food in your house, even if you didn't before. He uses everything, and you feel like a fool for wasting anything you can save after seeing him use it all. The "Rent Week" episode especially is a favorite of mine, as it shows how cheaply you can eat when you have so little money.

It makes you try this kind of analysis on other parts of your life. Do you really need the cell phone plan you have? Do you really need everything in your cable/internet package? Are there subscriptions or recurring services you don't need that you can cancel? Are you using as many side apps and programs to make extra cash? All of these things added together can save you quite a bit of money. Struggle Meals was partly responsible for me setting the goal of making $100 per month through side apps like Microsoft Rewards and Mistplay(hit it last month!).

He is charismatic and is fun to watch(I know this isn't a big one but really you should watch him!).

I really encourage you to give the show a watch. He is very motivating. I do believe that watching content like Struggle Meals and shows/videos where people can show how they earn/save money in a very down to earth manner/excited manner is a great motivator to be better and save more. If you watch and ever talk to Frankie, tell him Cash Boner sent you!

Get boning!

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