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Welcome Back Everyone! Updates on everything!

Welcome back everyone! Yes, it has been quite a while. I feel like I've said this at least five times in the past couple of years, but I did not intend on being away from the site for so long. A lot of stuff happened in my personal life, but let me try not to ramble to much here:

I am a father now! As of August of last year, I am the proud parent of a baby boy. This has obviously eaten into my days, so the site was the first thing that went to the wayside. Will try my best to rectify, this parenting thing is hard, but oh so rewarding :)

I am not certain if I will keep the looks of the current site, as I chose it so many years ago, and might change it to something that looks...different. It just feels to me like so much has changed since I started Cash Boner, so it might be time for an overhaul. Again, maybe.

I'm trying to earn $100 a month using my side apps/programs. I've you've been following the site/channel for a while, you know I use a good amount of apps/programs to make extra cash. Last month I was able to hit $100 in side money. A video on that is coming soon!

I have been using the Mode phone for about 10 days now. I have been pleasantly surprised with the quality considering it costs $100. More details soon, but so far it is fire.

Microsoft Rewards is still going strong, especially on my Xbox One. Most videos will probably be focused on this as there are so many chances to earn on there. Please look at my channel for details :)

Much more to come, hopefully on here as well! launched four years ago! Almost to the day! Thanks everyone, as this was the initial way I got the word out on all these methods on earning side money.

Don't get boned, get boning!

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