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Microsoft Rewards Referral Promotion - Temporary Way to Boost Your Earnings!

I just made a post on Microsoft Rewards dang it! I love the program, but one area where there is opportunity is in their referral program, or lack thereof. Well, they just started this promotion to boost referrals, making it possible to earn up to 6,000 points per month!

As you can see above, there are some caveats. It does involve two tasks for anyone who signs up through your referral link(mine is below if you'd like to support :D): installing a browser extension within three days of sign up and doing searches on five different days in their first month of membership. This last one is the tough one, as it involves engagement from your referral on five days. This is unfortunately a temporary thing, ending on May 14, 2021. As I mentioned in my last post however, Microsoft Rewards is a very lucrative program for me, and the money for time spent is high versus other rewards programs. If you want more details on the program, please visit my YouTube channel and check out the guides, you can get Xbox Game Pass for free in perpetuity, or earn over $100 in gift cards per year!

Get boning!

Referral link:

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