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How Mistplay Got Me Into The Mobile Play To Earn Arena

What? More get paid to play stuff? Not Microsoft Rewards? Indeed! Even though I have gone over Microsoft Rewards on here so many times, on the mobile side, Mistplay is the king as far as tenure. Why is that?

Over three years ago, I discovered Mistplay, an app that promises to pay rewards for playing games on your mobile device. Mistplay is actually the second app of its kind that I tried on my mobile device. Applike was the first one I dipped my feet into, but Mistplay took over quickly due to several factors:

  • It really "gamefied" the process. You have an avatar and level. The more PXP you earn, the higher your level, and the higher your level, the more PXP you earn per minute of play. This motivates you to play more and stay loyal to the platform.

  • It's pretty transparent as far as time spent playing to earn rewards. The app will tell you how much PXP you earn per minute, and you can do your own math to figure out how long it takes to earn units.

  • The amount and variety of games is large. There are always new games available in my region at all times.

  • The variety of rewards. Amazon gift cards, gift cards to all the consoles, and Visa gift cards(good to pay your bills with).

  • Referral program, while not the most lucrative, is pretty consistent. Referral link at the end if you'd like to support.

I still use Mistplay to this day, currently at level 63. Now they instituted a program that gives you something back when you spend money in some of the games through Mistplay, something I was wondering as to its absence. I will make a video soon with more details on this. As I've said throughout the years, you might as well get paid while play :)

Get boning!

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