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How Womplay Got Me Into NFTs

Another Womplay post? Also what the heck are NFTs? So many acronyms these days! This isn't related to an Elon Musk tweet though...

So is hard to explain, so I will try to make it simple: it is like a virtual trading card, and you can prove ownership. You can have a trading card of say...the girl looking at the burning house meme? Which, btw IS an NFT that sold for $500,000! So yeah, this is the next step I believe in trading. Especially with the recent year of social isolation, a way of having our trading cards that we can still show/buy/sell/trade is important. Womplay JUST got into this game. Well, a couple of weeks ago. Womplay will provide a Hero Zero NFT for every five hours of play you put in the game. Which is pretty good, considering you already get Wombucks from playing it. As seen above, someone sold a Mythical NFT for 10 EOS. This Crypto got above $10 not that long ago, currently worth a little under $6 a coin. I believe this is pretty important, because Womplay can now get you into Crypto AND NFTs just by playing games. Hopefully we can get some more variety soon, but still. You can get into both of these emerging asset classes by playing games. Not bad. See below for my current NFTs. Hopefully I get a Mythical one soon.

Get boning!

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