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How I Got Into Crypto By Playing Mobile Games

Not clickbait, I swear! It does seem like it doesn't it? I got into the Crypto craze by playing games?! I did! Also before you ask, no, it isn't Dogecoin. Although I did have some before that I acquired on my old desktop, which I lost when that PC died, which makes me real salty to think about so...on to the topic at hand!

There are lots of different kinds of Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin being the most famous, with Ethereum being next. EOS is an alternative to Ethereum, which is what I was able to get into. That is...about all I know in that regard. I am not a Crypto expert, all I really know is that it is an alternative type of currency, which can be traded for your local currency, fluctuates in value like Stocks do, which makes owning it a potentially lucrative endeavor. It is a bit complicated for me though, so I mostly avoided it. Until I was contacted about Womplay.

Womplay is an app, much like Mistplay, that rewards you for playing games. The difference though, is that Womplay pays in EOS, which you can keep in your "Wallet"(more research required for that one haha), then convert to your local currency, at whatever the current value is. Currently each unit of EOS is worth $6.77 USD, but it has gone as high as $7.13 USD and as low as $2.03 in the last year. Pretty large range, so this could have been very lucrative for you if you got a lot of EOS at the low end, much like with stocks. That's all I know on Crypto though.

So Womplay? You earn Wombucks, the app's currency, by playing games. Every week, Womplay puts out a pool of EOS worth $2,000(as of this writing), that you buy into with Wombucks. Your share of this will depend on what percentage of the Wombucks that were entered into the pool were yours. This makes payout amounts vary in value depending on when you get them as well. Hope this isn't confusing. In theory, if EOS is worth $2, Womplay would give out 1,000 EOS that week, but if it's worth $4, it would give out 500 EOS. Either way, the amount you get will be worth in USD or your local currency what it is worth at time of cash out. I go over more details in my videos. I've made a playlist with all of them, I really recommend you check it out. Their payouts and referral program are pretty generous compared to the industry standard. My referral link is below if you'd like to support :)

Get boning!

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