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Update! Plus How I Made Over $100 Playing Mobile Games!

Hey there! It has been quite a while. Welcome if you are a new visitor! It has been a definite shift. Cash Boner started as this website/blog, and now we are most known because of our YouTube channel. We have a few good articles here, including some old unboxings of collector's edition titles. I also have review of financial service Acorns, which I should update at some point. I however want to showcase one of the main things that gained us popularity on YouTube, Mistplay. Or how I have made over $100 by playing mobile games.

Mistplay is an app that pays you to play mobile games. Much like other apps of its kind, it does take quite a while. I've made $140 so far, but it took about two and a half years. This doesn't mean I played non-stop, the app actually has my play time at 859 hours as of today. 95% of this was done passively, using things such as auto-spin and auto-play on some titles. There are a few like Teppen and King of Fighters All Stars that I legitimately enjoyed and played, but otherwise it was passive. Otherwise it really wouldn't be worth the time invested. This YouTube video is the first in a playlist that goes over Mistplay, as well as tips on how to earn the most, and updates over the time I've had the app. I will try to make further updates here as I see there is still an audience. Thank you to all the OG followers! Above all else...

Get boning!

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