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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Conversion Details - How does it work? When Should you do it?

Xbox Game Pass finally launched! A bit after E3, and confirming one of my theories, it includes Xbox Game Pass for PC! Which is weird to say...but how does it all work for those of us who already have Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold?

The awesome thing is that Microsoft REALLY wants everyone to hop in on the Ultimate bandwagon. It is their way of getting us entrenched into their entire services ecosystem. Granted, the amount of people that have both an Xbox One and a PC that they use to game is probably very low, there is a possibility there. I don't usually game on my PC, out of laziness really. I will use it more for that though since it's capable. That being said, how does the conversion work? I go over all the details in the video above! I will review Xbox Game Pass PC and Ultimate as well, in the near future.

Get boning!

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