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Side Piece Friday November 30 - What I'm Using to Make Extra Cash Right Now

A little late, but we have been doing it! Side Piece Friday bay-bay! What about last Friday? Side Piece was off…kind of. Black Friday took its spot. I got the deals I wanted thankfully, and I hope you did too. There was some overlap into this week though, so let’s go!

Octopath Traveler Olberic Ending

Swagbucks – It was a slow week for Swagbucks, to make up for the great week last week. I was concerned that they were not paying coupons due to the offer also being on Perk, and me visiting both sites, but I was wrong. They were behind! Last week I got paid for more than a week’s worth. I made about $13 last week, but only about $5 so far this week.

Microsoft Rewards – I completed the Xbox Game Pass Punch Card, as well as the Battlefield 5 Punch Card even though it’s just a trial through EA Access! Almost 7,000 points this week! Minimum value on that is $7.

Perk – It has not improved. So much so that I transitioned most of my devices to the Yoo family of apps. I was just waiting to get to $25 in points to do so(got $2 this week). Watchback however seems to be “consistently” paying. The videos don’t pay directly, you get entered into sweepstakes. I think that there are still not that many users, which is why I keep winning $.65 every day for 10 minutes worth of video watching. I will continue this piece of it until it stops paying.

Amazon Mturk - $1. Why mention it? I got an email from someone I completed a survey HIT for in the past offering a follow-up survey for $1. It took 1 minute. I may revisit Mturk again next week.

No bird this week. It is getting closer to retirement. It depends on our focus, but these last two weeks the effort required did not motivate us to go out and pick up scooters. We will see how next week goes. I will hopefully have a good idea on the Yoo apps as well.

Get boning!

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