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Side Piece Friday November 16 - What I'm Using to Make Extra Cash Right Now

It's been a busy week personally at the Boner household, so we haven't been ringing that side register much, but there's still some side money!

Fallout New Vegas Xbox 360

Also screw you, Fallout 76. I will be glad to start and finish Fallout New Vegas instead, and that didn't cost me $60. Onto the earners:

Swagbucks - Still going, but a little less active this week. Earned about $6 doing my usual routine. I'm sure people who have a ton of referrals earn a lot more, but that is also why they keep reducing payouts...dicks.

Microsoft Rewards - Same as last week, about 2,000 points. Plus, once I finish the Xbox Game Pass punch card currently available(details here), I will get 5,000 points. Next week is gonna be good here!

Coinout - As seen on Shark Tank. I suppose. I heard about this from fellow YouTuber TechHustler. It pays real money for taking pictures of receipts, and amazingly enough, $.75 per referral(wink wink). There is no minimum to cash out either. So far I'm at $3.75, probably took 4 minutes total of time.

Perk - Ol'faithful was not paying well this week. It feels like it's still hungover from election day. I made about $4 this week. The pain of a phone farmer...

That's it. I hope to have some Black Friday stuff up by early next week. Get your shopping portals ready!

Get boning!

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