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Side Piece Friday November 9 - What I'm Using to Make Extra Cash Right Now

It's almost Black Friday! Not to derail, but I just discovered that editing this site on the Edge browser is slow as hell. Damn, wish I knew that before. Alright, on to the money makers!

Xbox One Day One 2013 Controller

I didn't sell the controller for extra cash, although I have considered it many a time. I hope everyone is getting ready to buy their stuff online cheap for Black Friday. I will post my picks for best gaming deals as well as how to best prepare soon. Without further ado, here is what rung the cash register this week:

Microsoft Rewards - I am pushing harder on this, now that I know that I can also use this to get EA Access for free. I've earned about 2000 points this week, one eight or so of the way to three more months of Xbox Game Pass.

Swagbucks - It is a bit slower this week. They have not been paying me for printing coupons, I'm not sure why. My wife wanted to try it out, so she signed up and has been watching videos from home as well, so I'm wondering if that's why they won't let either of us get paid for printing the coupons. Even then, I've made about $7 this week.

Perk - Ol'faithful. I'm running nine devices total, I am hoping to move up to 11 total soon, once I get a nice splitter from Amazon to organize it all. The earnings dropped a lot around Monday night, probably because they were not selling that many ads for the elections anymore. Still, made about $8 this week.

Amazon Mturk - I feel that I am getting higher paying surveys on this now, which has the adverse reaction of making me less willing to do shorter menial tasks for pennies. The flexibility is very much appreciated though. I made about $4 this week in two hours worth of time or so.

Bird is still on the back burner. I feel that it is very inconsistent in my area. The main issue is when you wake up to release the birds. The nest locations are too scattered, and I could be refreshing constantly for almost an hour before I find somewhere nearby to release. We are getting close to deciding on whether to keep them or not. I made close to $20 extra this week. It all adds up guys. What did you do this week? Happy Friday, and be safe during this holiday weekend. Thank you to all the veterans who have served, we wouldn't have everything we have if it weren't for you.

Get boning!

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