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Side Piece Friday November 2 - What I'm Using for Extra Cash Right Now

Another Friday, which means it's time for Side Piece Friday! It is November! The year is almost over, and it's time to plan for Black Friday! What got me some extra cash this week?

Castlevania Slot Machine

  • Mistplay - I've been consistently using this since last year. If I was still into Hearthstone I'd probably be making more money out of it. I average about $5 a month, I just cashed out this week for $10 in Amazon credit. Woot.

  • S'Mores - I uninstalled this from my Galaxy Note 8 last year since it wouldn't let me use the "Screen Off" note taking feature. However, I realized I have eight other phones so...yeah. It's a dime a day for your lock screen. Just redeemed for $5 of Amazon Credit.

  • Perk - One of the longest relationships at this point. It's been pretty damn good this week on my eight devices, earning between $1.50 and $3.50 a day. Redeemed for $25 of Amazon credit this week.

  • Swagbucks - I try to keep this as passive as possible. I noticed that putting in too much time into surveys is a crapshoot. I will post a video on my routine soon. Still averaging about $1 a day. I need to up my referral game I guess.

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk - I have been seeing more profitable and quicker surveys pop up, so the amount of approved HITs I have must be having a positive effect. Even though I've only put in about one and a half hours worth of time this week, I made almost $5.

  • Bird - Another week off. I am really starting to question the viability as it seems too volatile as far as how many are available to capture related to what we have going on at night.

Pennies, but guess what? This all helps and adds up, especially as the holidays approach. What side pieces have you used to ring the cash register?

Get boning!

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