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Sidepiece Friday October 19 - What I'm Using for Extra Cash Right Now

Happy Friday! This will be the intro to Sidepiece Fridays! Like I've stated in the past, you need at least one sidepiece to make some extra cash. My wife and I just came back from New York, which was not the cheapest trip. Totally worth it though. Plus, it motivated us to take a look at earning and saving money on the side. So what are we doing? Let's see!

Gamer Money

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk - I actually started this three weeks ago. I have put in about 12 hours worth of time, and have made $24...not the best, but I've heard that you get higher paying gigs after you get 1,000 completions so...we'll see.

  • Bird charging - We are now picking up and charging the black mechanical scooters. We have a mid size sedan, and can fit two in at a time. We have made $37 from charging six scooters. We are still calculating if this will be worth our time.

  • Swagbucks - I got re-invigorated on this and the next one due to watching Tech Hustler on YouTube. Using a Chromebook, one Android tablet and my phone every once in a while, I am making about $10 a week. I currently don't have referrals either. Once I post a guide, I will post my referral link.

  • Perk Phone Farm - This has been a mainstay, but I am doing better with it now. I have eight phones and one Fire Tablet running apps, earnings are about $8 a week right now, but sometimes it goes higher. I might go into more detail on this at some point, but Tech Hustler on YouTube has a lot of resources on this.

How are you getting extra cash? Being a gamer is expensive, so make sure you are out there making more money!

Get boning!

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