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RunBet Review - Can You Really Make Money? Is it Legit?

It's been a busy couple of months in the Boner household. We are getting ready to go on a trip, and have been grinding them side pieces. Mturk, Bird charging, Swagbucks, and some others.Here is a quick review on RunBet for those who hope to make some extra monies for running(and are committed because one fail and you lose).

Disclaimer: Make sure you consult your primary physician before you start a new workout program.

The video above summarizes everything a bit better. RunBet promises to pay you a piece of a pot that you contribute to(usually $4) if you complete the challenges(run x minutes at x pace for x days) for a certain number of weeks. The money comes from everyone who failed the challenges. You use fitness apps like RunKeeper and Garmin to track your runs outside. You can run indoors as well, and submit proof in the way of a treadmill progress picture as well as a "sweaty selfie". My wife and I tried both, they both worked well. Sounds good right? Most people are lazy right? Yeah...not quite. At least not the group that participates in this app. People willing to bet money that they can finish something are generally pretty committed.

Over the course of three RunBets spanning a total of 14 weeks, I made about $16. They take 15% from the overall payout, which I don't like. At least they pay within a day of the games ending. I think the video I posted at the beginning catches my thoughts a bit better. If you can commit, the extra cash is nice, but you definitely won't get rich from this. With my $16, I'm buying beer, because that's how I do. I am also trying StepBet, review on that soon.

Get boning!

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