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Points Crusader Punch Card - Overview including Wild Kingdom and Moon Gate & Review

The Points Crusader Punch Card on Microsoft Rewards has been one of the most hotly contested and commented topics on or YouTube channel, but not for the right reasons. The prizes for overall completion are great, including three months of Xbox Game Pass. It should be something that based on the list of tasks, should be easily completed, but that isn't the case.

I will link the videos I made below so you can get a good idea of what to do, but in a nutshell, the Points Crusader Punch Card has three "kingdoms" that you must traverse, each including its own line of tasks. First off, the Wild Kingdom, which instantly rewards 500 points upon completion:

  • Log into your Xbox Live Account for 10 days

  • Claim the Points Crusader "offer" on your Xbox Dashboard. This should be on the Microsoft Store and/or the Microsoft Rewards app itself. You should be able to highlight it and select it with the A button. Per video comments these aren't correlated.

  • Claim your free Sweepstakes Entry. This is the sweepstakes for 100 million Microsoft Points. It has a cost of zero points to redeem, otherwise it won't count.

  • Earn 500 points in Microsoft Rewards. This includes the desktop, mobile, and Xbox version of Microsoft Rewards.

Simple right? Yet people are having issues with the second and third part. Things that are just two clicks worth of work. Why? Bugs, and not advertising this enough. Confusing integration. I personally had to try the second and third part several times and thankfully it worked for me. I can't imagine it being user error for so many people to have issues. I hope Microsoft comes through for everyone who has been trying to hard to get these done. Once these are done, it opens the Moon Gate, which awards 1,000 points on completion:

  • Complete 20 searches on Bing

  • Complete three daily sets to get a streak. These sets are on your main Microsoft Rewards dashboard, you just need to get or confirm a streak(I already had one and got credit as soon as I did another set

  • Complete the Xbox Points Crusader Quiz. This will be on the main Moon Gate page, it includes Xbox related questions.

  • Log in to your Xbox Live account for 15 days. Thankfully it shows a progress tally now.

These thankfully don't seem bugged. I have the first three marked as done, and am at 6/15 days for logins. Once this is done, it will open the Bad Lands, which once finished, should reward with three months of Xbox Game Pass. Overall, the attempt seems half hearted. The prizes offered for the tasks required are damn good, the problem is that they are confusing as far as completion, and the app on the Xbox One opens up a browser window which can lead to more confusion. I hope that Microsoft finds a way to make completion clearer, and that it advertises this more as it is something that everyone should get a chance to do and will make them a Microsoft Rewards user, but may not find due to how hidden it is. Shape it up Microsoft.

Get boning!

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