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It isn't about What you get Dealt - It's What you End up With

Well look a post! I've been wanting to post this one for a while, because it is something I truly believe in. There are times in life when we get dealt crap, and we have to make something good out of it. Or you may intentionally pick a tough path, so you are already behind, but you intend on making it big. Let's dig into it a bit more.

Four Aces Double Bonus Poker

I love using poker as an example. The cards you get dealt might be a lot worse than your opponent's, but based on how you both play determines who wins. Someone might win using a knife in a gun fight. Or their fists. Take a look at the picture above. Even though there is luck involved, I think it is still a great example. Double Bonus Poker. The second highest hand is four aces, and it is a lot more attainable than a royal flush. The game deals you five cards to start. You pick which ones you want to keep, and then the game randomly replaces the rest. I kept two aces. I got dealt the other two, and won $40. Why is this relevant? My wife was also playing right next to me. She got dealt three aces several times. She held them, but was not able to get the fourth ace that session.

I got dealt crappier cards than her, but I ended up with more in the end. I know that this example involves luck, but this is a great example on how life works. There are people in your life who make less money at their job than you do. They might have more money than you however. Whether it's via side gigs like Lyft or Uber, more conservative spending i.e. malt liquor versus craft beer, they technically have a crappier "starting hand" than you, but they end up with more. I've personally been on both sides. I've had bosses with similar interests, and we would talk about upcoming games. I would talk about how I was picking up the newest thing, and they would say they can't afford it. The opposite also applies. Never take what you have for granted, and always try to find that extra nugget of goodness in the pile of crap of life.

I will end this with a gaming example. I came back from Evo 2018 about a month ago. I didn't do as well as last year, which is probably why my salty ass didn't post a recap. I play Street Fighter 5 maining Urien. He isn't bottom tier, he is definitely regarded as being in the top or at least upper middle tier. I got bodied and eliminated by a F.A.N.G. player. A character regarded as not being that good. Bottom tier. I believe the player that beat me is from Korea. He traveled a hell of a lot farther than I did, with a crappier hand, and still did a lot better. Unlike most situations in life, the hand wasn't dealt to him, he picked it. He made chicken salad out of chicken shit. Now let's all get out there and do the same.

Get boning!

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