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Quickie Unboxing - Octopath Traveler Wayferer's Edition

Hello there! It's been too long since I posted one of these. I have been deep into this game, as well as training for Evo. I was able to scoop this from Best Buy a bit after release. Let's dive in to the Octopath Traveler Wayferer's Edition!

The entire package is about the size of a standard bible. tall as a standard comic book, but 20 times as thick. It looks like a fancy, old book, and it will make a great addition to any book case. It has a magnetic flap closing lid. On opening, it has an unfolding picture book like set of pages, one for each of the eight protagonists with a scene from their opening story. On the other side you will find another closed section, housing the game itself(not the standard package you get in stores, it doesn't have the regular UPC!), a cloth map that I haven't opened due to not seeing it all in-game, and a "sounds selections" music CD. Not the full OST, which may be the first one I buy in a LONG time. The game so far is amazing, and I will be diving in to it more once Evo is done. If you would like more pictures, please let me know and I will try to get them up after Evo. Thank you for all your support! FYI, I still have Best Buy GCU, so I got this for $80. I went through Swagbucks as well, so I got $1.60 worth of Swagbucks, plus the My Best Buy points. The Cash Boner mantra never dies!

Get boning!

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