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Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Quests for April 2018

It's that time again. I was hoping these would be up yesterday to post this yesterday, and also because it was April Fool's. The quests last month were a joke as far as I'm concerned. Did Microsoft redeem themselves? Let's find out...

Xbox Live Quests April 2018

Xbox Live Quests

  • Add 5 friends. I'm Sir Deimos if you want a free one. I'm here to help.

  • Increase your Gamerscore by 200 points. You know what to do. I freaking earned 200 on March 31 too damn it!

  • Get at least one achievement in three different games. Just play the free games and get one in each.

For doing all this, you'll be entered to win a gold-plated Xbox One X Scorpio Edition. Oh yay. It is a lot of work for a damn drawing entry and no guaranteed prize. I guess those free months of Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass were costing Microsoft too much money...

Xbox Game Pass Quests April 2018

Xbox Game Pass Quest

Play one or more Game Pass games for 10 hours. They really want that Sea of Thieves play time to go up huh? Same prize as the Xbox Live Quests. A drawing entry for the gold-plated Xbox One X Scorpio Edition. I've gotten so many damn entries, I wish I would win one of these. I feel like the phrase "gold-plated Xbox One X Scorpio Edition" has been used more on this site than any other. Throw one over here Microsoft! At least I can verify they're real. Or just give us actual prizes you cheap bastards.

Get boning!

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