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March Update - What did Boner learn in February

The shortest month in the year is over. I made a commitment to learn something new every month, no matter how small, and I intend to keep it. How did I do? Please read on.

In February, I decided to launch a YouTube channel for Cash Boner to supplement our content and increase web awareness of the brand. It was a bit intimidating, but I had a good idea of what I wanted to present. I wanted to film guides based on some of the articles on the site, such as getting free Xbox Live Gold using Microsoft Rewards, and put my voice on the videos. I started my research, and knowing my time constraints last month, I found a lot of recommendations for OBS.

I downloaded OBS, which is free, and figured out how to record what is happening on my screen while I talk. I made my first video, and went through the upload process on YouTube. It's up now, along with a few others(like the one below), and have reached almost 10 hours of total view time. I'm no Pewdiepie, or even ItsAGundam, but it feels good that there's been so much watch time. I will continue to do both the site and YouTube, and figure out how to better manage my time to consistently post on all accounts. Now I have to figure out what to learn this month...

Get boning!

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