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Xbox Games with Gold for March 2018 Announced - Go Download February's!

Happy hump day! I hope you had a safe and fun President's Day weekend. I'm sure you've already seen this on other sites, but here at Cash Boner, we always want to give you a little extra, so hop on in and find out what that is.

Xbox Games with Gold March 2018

First off, download the February games! Seriously, if you don't play Shadow Warrior, you are doing yourself a horrible disservice. Now onto what is being made available to us for the month of March 2018(ooh $69 in value huh...). For the entire month of March, we will get Trials of the Blood Dragon on Xbox one. It is an action oriented take on the Trials games. From March 1-15, we will get Brave(yes, the Disney one) on Xbox 360. Don't know much here, just that it's free and a Disney game. From March 16-31, we will get Quantum Conundrum on Xbox 360. I never played it, but it is a puzzler, so I am intrigued to try it. Last, but certainly not least, from March 16-April 15, we will get Superhot. I've been wanting to play this game for a while, so I am excited to try it out. It is a highly reviewed FPS, where time only advances when you move. Shenanigans!

What else then? Well, as I've previously pointed out, these games are often part of the monthly Xbox Quests, so make sure you plan to give them some time. The other thing is Xbox Live Rewards. I give a tiny overview of the February missions in the video below, but there is one consistent mission I don't mention, called "Gold Dust". If you play any Xbox Games with Gold game for ten hours three months in a row, you get 100 MyVIP gems, which you can use to get free stuff through Xbox Live Rewards. Granted, 100 will only get you a Wallpaper, but the amount of MyVIP gems earned is supposed to increase as you complete the mission, so...let's see how much we can earn huh?

Get boning!

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