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We're Up on YouTube! First Videos Uploaded!

Our channel is up! We have our first three videos up on YouTube! It's an exciting time! We started on an extreme budget, I would say. I didn't create the videos on my Chromebook, but...

These videos were recorded using OBS, and my HyperX headset on my newly rebuilt AMD FX-8120 desktop PC with 8GB of RAM. A new microphone is first on my list of upgrades, I really want the sound to come out better. I also need to learn about the custom thumbnails, channel art, transitions, background music(maybe), watermark, importing gameplay to overlay audio on...damn it's so much. Still, I'm looking forward to it. I will have a video up on Microsoft Rewards soon, maybe supplement that with an article here. Once I learn how to import my gameplay from my Xbox One and record my voice over it, I will have more constant videos talking about news and deals. See videos posted below.

Get boning!

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