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We're getting a YouTube Channel!

Yes, we're joining the bandwagon. Technically, the title of this post is not correct. We already made the YouTube channel. It's just currently empty...

YouTube Logo

Why do this? I believe it will be a good supplement to the content posted here. I am interested in learning basic video editing and publishing skills this year, so I figured it lined up. No, I don't think I'm the next PewDiePie. I'm sure that ship has sailed. At most, I hope to be like that It'sAGundam guy...

I am using OBS, and have a rough mock up of an introduction video. I plan on making a video guide on Microsoft Rewards, and one on Xbox Rewards. There will be times when videos will supplement content here, or times where it will be easier to just make a video and post versus making a lengthy post. I will play it by ear, and I appreciate your patience and support with this new endeavor. It's a basic setup, using my newly rebuilt AMD FX-8120 PC and a HyperX Cloud 2 for audio. I plan on slowly upgrading everything from hardware used, to my own skills and production quality. It should be a fun ride. I have a lot of things to say about Destiny 2 and other such industry non-sense, as well as hoping to highlight things you might miss(been playing too much Warframe lately), and ways to make and save money. I will post here once that initial video is up.

Get boning!


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