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Reviving My Old PC - Getting back into PC Gaming

One of the main focuses of this site is on using your money wisely. Not paying full retail, waiting for deals, getting extra points, etc. I want you to stretch your dollars further. With that said, I can't ignore the value that PC gaming brings. Little known fact: I have been running this site entirely from a Chromebook. I also have a PC in my office, that has been...on life support for years. It's time to get back into the PC game.

Old PC

The reason I stopped using my PC is because I started getting boot device errors. As I grew older, moved in with my then fiance, and having less time, I couldn't focus on that, and still play games. I completely went in on my Xbox One and 3DS, later adding a Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It is now time to bring back my old PC, replace a few parts, and take advantage of Steam sales and such. Here are the details:

  • AMD FX-8120

  • Biostar AM3+ Motherboard

  • 8GB DDR3 RAM

  • 120GB SSD - Going to a 250GB SSD

  • Nvidia GTX260 - Going to a GTX1050Ti

  • Windows 7 - Going to Windows 10

I will post more pictures, and detailed progress reports after Christmas...which is when I am getting my new parts as gift. Maybe I will get into Podcasting again, or simple video uploads...I'll keep you posted.

Get boning!

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