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Fitness Memberships on Clearance - December is the Best Time to Buy

I love the holidays. You have extra time off from work(hopefully), more time with loved ones and friends, and more parties...which leads to more food and drinks, which leads to a little weight loss. The best time to mitigate that is NOW.

Buy Low, Sell High

That's cliche right? It is so true though. With most commodities, like in life, there are high times, there are low times. With gym and fitness memberships, the high time is at the beginning of the year. Losing weight and getting in shape are the most popular New Year's resolutions. It's been like that for a long time. Gyms know this. Personal trainers love the time as well. If you intend on getting in better shape and are waiting until then to start, you are in for a fleecing. They will charge you the highest price at your neediest time. Seems scummy doesn't it? They have all the leverage however. In January, they have an abundance of clients. You aren't a big priority then.

What about December though? This is the LOW time for gyms. No one is thinking about getting in shape right now. Everyone is indulging. Thus, new sign-ups are at a low point. Plus, the year is ending...they want those extra sales and accounts payable to go into the New Year. This gives YOU the leverage. They expect this too. They know that they have to work harder to get your business. Don't get boned, do the boning! Make sure you are the balance in their books to make up for the people getting boned in January. Here are some tips to maximize your savings:

  • Go local - Gyms, bootcamps and such won't advertise all their specials online. My local Crunch for instance, has a 12 months for $100 special, usually a year would be $120.

  • Groupon - This is the best time to Groupon. Get the Groupon for cheap, go in for cheap, and act...kind of enthusiastic. Don't go all in, play hard to get. Which leads to...

  • Make them wait - Don't be a dick, but make your sales guy wait. Tell them you are interested, but don't answer most of their calls. The conversation has to happen on your terms.

  • Don't divulge long term goals - They want you to buy their longest term memberships. Tell them you have a goal, like a race or event, in the next two months or so. This will make them try harder to get you into a three month plan for instance, which could lead to a cheap six month. I don't like lying, but in sales, you have to think of these things.

  • Never say yes at the first offer - Just like buying a car, you can squeeze more juice out of the lemon. Even if you feel like it's a good deal, hold off. Tell them you'll think about it. If the offer is $150, tell them your budget can't go above $120. You may end up getting it for $130.

Now go out there, get some cheap fitness memberships, and then relax - You won't be paying a lot at the beginning of the year, and you can use that money on better booze and pizza.

Get boning!

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