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Xbox Live Gold & Xbox Game Pass Quests for December

It's that time again. Once I receive my rewards for last month's quests. I will update the main post here with them. This will be quick, but some quests are time sensitive, and this is a month full of holidays, so let's get to it.

Xbox Live Gold Quests

  • Add the Xbox Live Gold block to your home page - Microsoft's way to more easily advertise the service to you. Clever. You can select the quest description and press A to see a tutorial on how to do this.

  • Play 10 hours of multiplayer - As simple as it sounds, and I'm sure it only counts online multiplayer. Get on Paladins before they change it to the crummy version on PC, or start playing an older game you might have forgotten.

  • Add 10 friends - This is the toughest one for me. I don't network on Xbox Live Gold as much. Feel free to add me, Sir Deimos. The reward for completing all these is again a Mystery Gift, and a chance to win the Samsung QLED TV.

Xbox Game Pass Quests

  • Play a Game Pass game on 5 different days this month to win a Mystery Gift Box

  • Play a Game Pass game on 15 different days this month to win an Ultimate Mystery GiftBox

  • Play a Game Pass game on 25 different days this month to win an Ultimate Mystery Gift Box and a chance to win a 24-karat gold-plated Project Scorpio Edition Xbox One X - There's no game time requirement for any of these, but it can be easy to forget to play a game in this busy month.

Different obstacles this month. The easiest way to knock these out is to pick a game on Xbox Game Pass that has multiplayer you enjoy, and it play it a little every day. Add the 10 friends and you should be good to go. Here's hoping the rewards for this month are awesome.

Get boning!

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