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Why You Should Get all the Trials, then Cancel Most of Them

Columbia House. Record Club. Anyone of my age(and huge Archer fan) would know what that is. Look it up if you don't, some of us got a lot of free CDs back in the day. Regardless, like I have said before, your money, and above all else your time, is worth so much. This is why "Customer Acquisition Cost" is a thing. Companies need you to know about them so you can give them your money. Hence, trials exist for lots of services. From food, to movies to game, there are lots of subscription services that exist, and they all offer trials. I am going to go over why you should plan to give almost everyone a chance...then cancel their service.

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I was talking to a co-worker about trials, and how I get most of them with the knowledge that the chance of not cancelling is very low. She said that is taking advantage of the system. I disagree. My time is valuable. They want me to give them money on a consistent basis, with the hope that I will use their product or service very little, maybe not at all, and not cancel. I know someone who works in the Cable industry. He has told me they depend on people just paying their bill month after month without checking for a better deal or cancelling. Some of these people don't use the services at all. So no. I am not taking advantage of the system. I am putting the right value on my time and money.

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My wife and I recently got the recommendation to watch The Girlfriend Experience. We have HBO and lots of channels, but the show is on Starz. So what did I do? I got the 7 day trial from Amazon Prime with the knowledge we would binge through the one Season available and most likely cancel afterwards. We got through Season 1(heavily recommended BTW) in four days, watched one episode of Season 2, checked the rest of their catalog...then cancelled. Instead of paying $2.99 an episode, we watched it all for free. Do I feel bad? Not one bit. I gave them a shot, and I know that they are not worth $8.99 to use, so out they go. I did the same thing with Blue Apron. I did it with EA Access a few years ago after the Dragon Age Inquisition early access trial.

I currently have a three month trial of Youtube Red going, which will end in the middle of December. I also have a four month discount "trial" of Audible, giving me one credit per month at $8.99 versus the usual $14.99. I will be cancelling both. Youtube Red is not worth the fee to me, but I gave them a chance, and I will take another trial if it is offered. Audible credits are worth it to me at $8.99, not at $14.99. So I will cancel, until they offer it for cheap again. No remorse.

The only trials you should not cancel are the ones you know you will use often, and can actually write out how, not based on emotion. I keep my WWE Network subscription because I watch at least one PPV per month. I keep Amazon Prime because I buy at least two things a month, and the free shipping makes it worth it. I keep HBO Go because I re-watch certain shows on a daily basis. Same thing with Netflix.

Think of trials like relationships in life: everyone deserves a chance, but VERY few people deserve to be in your life on a consistent basis. Value your time and money with businesses like you do with people. It will benefit you in so many ways. Before signing up for a trial, make sure you check how to cancel. Some may require a phone call, which means you will be pitched to to try to stay. It's like having to call someone to break up instead of sending them a text ;D

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