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Xbox Quest Rewards List

It took long enough, but I finally received my first reward for a completed Xbox Quest. This post will include a list of rewards as the program continues. Read on to find out what they've been!

The program is free, in case you haven't joined. You can access the current list of quests from the Xbox Dashboard. You can access the Game Pass rewards from within Game Pass. You can check out the quests for November here. This is what we've gotten so far:

October Xbox Quest Reward

Rocket League Cover Art

I got this as an Xbox Message on November 6. It included the code to download the game, and an easy link to redeem. It is a good reward for the October quests, as I didn't have it. Since it's a code, you can give it to someone if you already own the game.

October Xbox Game Pass Quest Reward


November Xbox Game Pass Quest Reward

The November Xbox Quest reward is the Assassin's Creed movie...yeah, damnit. I've never played any of the games, and I read the movie was average at best. Ah well, it's free, but hopefully December's Xbox Quest reward is better.

November Xbox Quest Reward


December Xbox Quest Reward

Five dollar Microsoft Gift Card. Damn it. I got nothing here. I's better than the Assassin's Creed movie? You can save it for future purchases? Damn.

December Xbox Game Pass Quest Reward

One month of Xbox Live Gold. This will add to the year I already have from Microsoft Rewards. This was one of those "Ultimate Mystery Gift Box" things though, so who knows what other options there are. I'm assuming I didn't win the gold Xbox One X Scorpio Edition :(

January 2018 Xbox Quest Reward

Five dollar Microsoft Gift Card. Encore Microsoft, encore! Stop being cheap dicks, here's hoping it gets better for February...Still, getting $5 for playing games is still OK.

January 2018 Xbox Game Pass Quest Reward


February 2018 Xbox Quest Reward

One month of Xbox Live Game Pass. It's better than $5. It has a $10 value technically, which is better than the $5 credit. I see what you're doing Microsoft, because the reward for the Xbox Game Pass Quest is...

February 2018 Xbox Game Pass Quest Reward

One month of Xbox Live Gold. Encore I say! Actually, if these prizes repeated every single month, we could use our Microsoft Rewards points for a PlayStation Plus subscription...still haven't won that gold Xbox One X damnit...

Get boning!

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