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Quickie Unboxing - Xbox One X Scorpio Edition

I must say, I was worried when I saw Best Buy's email stating the Xbox One X Scorpio package was 12lbs. Still, it is an exciting time. I have a backlog of games that are Xbox One X enhanced, and I will bring you more in-depth impressions, as well as a review on whether it's worth your money later on. For now, let's look inside the box of the world's most powerful console.

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Box

The Scorpio Edition reminds me of the original Xbox packaging. It may be just as heavy too. Oddly enough, I don't see that as a negative. The fact that this is as powerful as it is, makes the weight a good pairing. Open the box, and the first thing you see is a one month trial for Xbox Game Pass, 14 day trial to Xbox Live Gold, and simple wiring instructions. Further in, you will find a box holding the HDMI cable, controller, and power cable. No power bricks still! There is also the stand, which is a nice touch, considering the normal Xbox One X doesn't include one. The system is neatly wrapped, and you can just feel the quality when you grab it.

The front has the small "Project Scorpio" print. The controller has the same thing on the middle. It is very subtle. There is no way you'd be able to tell the console is different unless you are close to it. I'm a bit disappointed, I think the Project Scorpio markings should be more noticeable. The ports on the back are identical to the Xbox One S. The USB port on the front is on the right thankfully. It is a tiny bit wider, not as tall, and a little deeper. Heavier, but definitely sleeker. You can see the gallery for reference. Overall? This is a premium console, and it feels and looks like it. So far it has been a positive experience. I'll be back soon with more impressions.

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