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Xbox Live & Xbox Game Pass November Quests - How are They?

In an attempt to increase user engagement, which can lead to an increased number of active users, Microsoft has added monthly "Quests" to Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass. Do they work? What do they give? Read on as we try to find out.

Xbox Live November Quests

Every month, Microsoft adds three quests to Xbox Live, and three to Xbox Game Pass. The Xbox Live quests have a surprise reward if you complete all of them, and you will be entered into a drawing to win a Samsung 4K TV. The November quests are logging in to the Mixer app on five different days, increase your Gamerscore by 400, and download two games with Gold. Two of those are easy, increasing your Gamerscore by 400 can take some time, but it is a very clever way to increase your engagement. Tying Gamerscore increases to incentives is a very smart idea.

For Xbox Game Pass, they are focusing on retro games. It has three tiers. Three hours of Xbox Game Pass Retro Channel gameplay gets you a mystery gift. Five hours gets you the "Ultimate" mystery gift. Ten hours will enter you in a drawing for a $500 Microsoft Gift Card. I really like these, as it encourages you to play different games. Last month it was spooky games. I already put in at least two hours into Sky Force Anniversary, a recently added game.

Xbox Game Pass November Quests

This all sounds like win right? I have a few reservations though. I don't ilke being told I will get a mystery gift. You also don't know exactly when you will get it. I researched this, and people who completed quests in September got their gifts in their mailbox in the middle of October. A lot of folks reported getting a $5 Xbox Live credit. The other issue is that you can't track all of these. The Xbox Game Pass quests don't give progress indicators. I don't know if the 400 Gamerscore will be tracked, but for now, I'm doing my best to overshoot by a little.

Once I receive my rewards for last month, I will add another post. For the time being? Get on this if you can. It's free stuff, and with Xbox Game Pass, the higher the engagement, the higher likelihood we get more games on the service.

Get boning!

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