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Mobile Post Test & Update

Hello there! You may have been wondering "where the hell have you been you lazy prick?!". Understandable, I am still very much alive. Trying out this mobile posting thing, see how it works. Also, I wanted to let you all know what I've been doing and what's coming.

  • Three days ago I got my Galaxy Note 8. I switched over to a Pixel XL to this. So far so good, so many options and more impressions soon.

  • I'm almost done with Samus Returns. So much fun, not sure if I will do a full review, but I can tell you it's definitely hard, not soft.

  • Got my SNES classic in the mail, still haven't opened it.

  • Destiny 2 grind continues. Currently power level 265. There is a Cash Boner clan, join me!

  • Reviews coming for MyVegas line of slot apps, which feature real life rewards for your virtual gambling. Already got $100 and a night at Mandalay Bay.

  • Perk and Swagbucks reviews coming as well. Last week I made a little over $9 from perk, $2 from Swagbucks, would have been more but I wasn't home as much.

  • Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is fun.

Have a great weekend, I will be doing a 5K with the wife tomorrow.

Get boning!

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