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Quickie Unboxing - Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Collector's Edition

Easter eggs. Freaking Easter eggs! That's what I was hearing and seeing online before receiving my Collector's Edition of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite in the mail. Are the memes and jokes accurate? I haven't had time to really feel everything through in detail, but I think that the pictures need to be seen. Let's take a look.

This will be a little quicker than the usual. The box is huge, but it is a good size considering what the contents are. Inside you will find the Deluxe version of the game in the Steelbook, which includes the first character pass or season pass. It is the same one you would find in-store. Beneath that, you will find the "Infinity Stones", and the Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Chun Li and Mega Man X statues. I have not powered on the stones in the box, which unfortunately are not removable. I am really hoping that it looks a lot better while lit, but otherwise it will not be a staple in my house or desk.

The statues are of pretty good quality. They feel good in hand, and their bases make them stable. They all look good for how much they technically are. I don't know if they can be purchased separately, but I will definitely be displaying these proudly. Now as far as cost...this edition retails for $199. This is $110 more than the Deluxe edition inside. The value is...average. If I assign a value of $10 to the "Infinity Stones", and $25 to each statue, it is reasonable. If I had the choice, and I saw everything beforehand though, I wouldn't have bought it. I would have bought the Deluxe Edition, the Mega Man X and Iron Man statues, and call it a day. I don't feel too bad, like with the Mario Rabbids Collector's Edition. Impressions and/or review of the game proper soon.

Get boning!

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