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Forza 7 Xbox One X Hands On - Hard or Soft?

This weekend a few Best Buy around the country were demoing the Xbox One X. I got really excited that I am near one of the participating locations. They were running the system on a large 4K TV. How was it?

Forza 7 Xbox One X

The last Forza game I played seriously was Forza 3, so go easy on me for not knowing more. The setup they had was with an Elite Controller, very smart to try to get that upsell. I already own one, so it was easy to get into it. The TV they were using was unfortunately not an HDR model. I don't know why they would do this, as it would have been easier to impress not only players but people walking by with the accurate colors and graphics. Speaking of, let's get into that first.

This demo is the Gamescom build that was recently demoed in Europe. The game looks gorgeous, and runs at what seems to be a steady 60 FPS. There were quite a few times that I made a mistake because I was looking at everything but my car. It is impressive, and will definitely be a showcase for the Xbox One X. The draw distance is great, I noticed absolutely no pop-in. The varying lights and effects reflect on your car, there are environmental elements like tiny sandstorms, confetti firing from the crowds, etc. It is just a beautiful game. The difference between this and 1080p is really noticeable. I heard quite a few oohs and ahs around me as I played.

I played for one race, in the course by the mountainside that was displayed prominently at E3. As stated earlier, I am no Forza expert. This still feels like Forza. The controls feel a little tighter than they did in Forza 3, and it seems like there are more options for assists and opponent behaviors. This makes Forza 7 accessible to pretty much anybody, as you can set up the game for your preferences. The sense of speed is better in 4K. I tried some time in first as well as third person. I prefer third person, but the time in first person was exciting. Seeing how amazing everything looks around you, and the level of detail inside your car is great. Turn 10 definitely put their time into this one.

Xbox One X Console

I wasn't planning on picking up Forza 7, but now I might. I think this will be one of the must haves to go with your Xbox One X. It will show you why you paid the $500. It is like Rise with the original Xbox One. If other games can follow suit with the graphics and performance of Forza 7, I think the Xbox One X has an exciting future ahead of it, and all owners of Xbox One systems will see benefit from that as well. Forza 7 demo so far is a hard recommend. I will try the demo on my Xbox One S soon to see the differences. And yes, I got a chance to pick up a mock up of the console. It weighs a little less than the Xbox One S, and is a little smaller. Ports on the back are the same as the S. It will be an easy transition.

Get boning!

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