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S'more App Review - Hard or Soft?

Your lockscreen can have many things, from motivational quotes, pictures of loved ones, reminders, etc. How about ads though? Yes, ads. The S'more app promises to pay you for looking at ads on your lockscreen. Does it work? Scam or real? Hard or soft? Let's find out.

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This concept isn't a new one. There are other apps that do something similar(Perk has one). Amazon actually does it with all their Fire Tablets "With Special Offers". They show ads on the lockscreen with the benefit to the consumer of a lower up-front purchase cost for their tablet, while they make money off the ads. The market is proven, so S'more wants a piece of the pie. They currently offer only an Android version.

The app will places ads on your lockscreen. You swipe up from the very bottom to remove the ad, or swipe up while on the ad to open a link on your browser. If you have a pin, pattern or fingerprint security, you still need to enter them before or after you swipe the ad, so this won't compromise security. The unlock is quick on my Google Pixel XL, and I don't notice a drop on performance or battery life. It's been about three weeks now, and it has become second nature, I feel like this has always been there.

The important part: does it work? Yes it does. How much does it pay? $.10 a day. 10 points in their currency to be exact, which is worth $.10. It doesn't make a difference how many ads you see, it is still 10 points. It is a bit strange, as there is no incentive for seeing more. The upside is that you will only unlock your phone when you actually need to, meaning you won't be overusing it to earn extra pennies. The rewards are as low as 100 points, but you must have the app installed for 10 days before you can redeem.

I redeemed for a $1 Amazon gift card, and it was delivered almost instantly, which is great. The app also offers surveys for extra points, which you have to "qualify" for by putting in your personal info and...answering questions, before you get to the questions. I tried this four times, but never got a survey, so I can't comment on this. I don't see a big incentive for this though, as the time spent doesn't seem worth the points paid. There are better options for this, such as Swagbucks. You can also get points for free trials and offers, but again, there are better options for this out there.

Here is how I see S'more: it is something that will pay me $36.50 a year for having it installed on my phone. You can refer people using a special link, and if they use the app for 10 days, you will get 50 points. This isn't a way to make a ton of money, but like I've said about other apps like Panel and Applike, it's pennies that add up over time. That is almost enough for a 3DS game a year, not counting referrals. So S'more isn't a scam, and it technically does deliver on it's promise. It gets a hard recommendation from me. Keep earning them pennies! Link to the app's site is on the logo above.

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