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Destiny 2 Early Impressions - Good Times?

I wanted to get this out before I go full bore into Destiny 2 over the weekend. I plan on finishing the campaign and putting in a lot of time into the multiplayer, review early next week. I've put in about ten hours so far into the Xbox One version, here's my impressions playing as a Titan.

Destiny 2 Striker

I believe that people calling this Destiny 1.5 are on to something. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though. The graphics look damn good, everything is very detailed, backgrounds are lush, the attention to detail is still present in Destiny 2. The campaign has more story in the first 15 minutes than the original Destiny had in it's entire campaign. It is great to see some of these characters finally express emotion, humor, and feelings. There is a lot more variety in objectives as well. not every other mission is glorified horde mode. There are platforming sections, environmental destruction, driving sections, and more.

The gunplay is still tight, as are the controls. Mobility is great. I played five crucible matches, it's still fun. It is still a great feeling getting loot at the end of a match. It is still...Destiny. I hate saying that, as I'm sure many will, but so far, it really is. It is very familiar. Some things have changed, but it's mostly the same. Like that whole Shader nonsense. I will provide more details in the full review.

Is this the game the first Destiny should have been? So far, I can't say. It really depends on what you think the first one was missing. It is very give and take. There are more multiplayer match types, but lower player count. There are more weapons, but Shaders are one time use. It is a newer version, but also with newer crummy business practices. At this time, I recommend at least a rental. Destiny gunplay is still one of my favorite ever.

Get boning!

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