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Quickie Unboxing - Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Collector's Edition

A game that was dismissed by many as a joke when leaked has finally come out. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has released, and I've been having a blast with it so far. It is a Mario meets X-Com strategy game. The kiddie visuals don't give the challenge the game can present justice. More details on that later, for now, let's get to the goods! What do we get with this Collector's Edition?

That is a huge box! I don't mean that period, I mean based on the contents. It's almost as large as the Sonic Mania Collector's Edition box, but the contents are a lot more sparse. Ubisoft needs to take a cue from Sega and better design these. I know it's a pain to stock these too, given the needed shelf space. That aside, each side of the box has different artwork, all very high quality. Just like the Sonic Mania box, it's something you would be glad to have displayed for all to see.

Once you open the box you will find, neatly stacked, the game, the soundtrack, and the pack of trading cards. I haven't opened the trading cards yet, I'm not sure if I will. The game is the standard package you would find at a store. I don't know if the soundtrack is out for sale, but I'm glad it's complete, rather than a sampler like with the Fire Emblem Echoes Limited Edition. Below all that you will find the Mario Rabbid figure. It's high quality, well painted, and heavy enough that it won't fall on a flat surface. It comes with an Amiibo like removable base.

The odd thing is the cartridge itself. This is the only Switch cartridge I own that has the part number printed on it. Is this normal? Please let me know if yours is different and I got something rare. I am going to have to give this Collector's Edition a soft pass however. I did not know the included figure could be bought separately. You can get it from Best Buy, Gamestop etc. for $39.99. Unless you really want to get the nice box, soundtrack and collector cards, this isn't something that you will feel envy for not having it. There is no Fear of Missing Out here, I'm sure if you wait those figures will go clearance, as $39.99 is too high a price for them.

The game proper though? So far a soft recommendation. I won't know if it's worthy of a hard recommendation until I finish it. On another note, screw you, Ubisoft, for bringing a season pass to this game. I will not buy it, and I don't think you should either. At least not right now. What the hell is the point of pre-ordering an add-on with no bonus? Wait to see what's in it, even then, wait until it goes on sale unless it's freaking amazing. They are trying to go for all your money with this crap, so don't let them. More on the game soon.

Get boning!

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