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Happy 30th Anniversary Street Fighter - How You've Changed my Life

This month we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter. A franchise that has been around almost as long as I've been alive, longer than some people that I know, it is an iconic series that has had so much impact on the world, popular culture, and competitive eSports. It all started in Arcades throughout the world, where people gathered one by one, to put in their money for a chance to prove they were the very best.

For those of you who don't know, Street Fighter is a one on one competitive game, pitting two individuals against each other using virtual "martial artists", where instinct, adaptation, spirit, and execution will lead you to victory. Like most, I've been playing it since Street Fighter 2 came out in Arcades. I spent so many quarters on these machines, always pitting myself against strangers in dark rooms in malls across Mexico and the U.S. I've also made great friendships through bonds created in competition.

If you really think about it, this type of game can have a profound impact on life skills. I owe my competitive drive to Street Fighter and its ilk, mostly Street Fighter of course. I wouldn't have gotten into Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, etc. if it weren't for Street Fighter. This was truly putting your money where your mouth was. I think this is why I became competitive. Using money that could go towards candy, games, or trading cards was used to put my skills to the test against other individuals. I did this all the way to college, right up until the end of an era, with Capcom vs SNK 2 and Marvel vs Capcom 2.

I don't like to lose, I always want to be the best. It's because Street Fighter helped teach me that. It taught me that even if you are new, you try anyway, because you learn by losing. It taught me to be observant, so I can figure out people's risk aversion and other things. It taught me memorization, there are so many different moves, some safe, some not, some good, some not, hundreds to memorize per game. It taught me the right time to take risks, because if you hold all the cards, why would you risk it? Above all else, it taught me resilience. No matter how low you are on life, you never give up. No matter how hard the comeback is, you try it. Back in the Arcade days, it meant keeping more of your quarters in your pocket. For me, now, it means that no matter how dire a situation at the office is, no matter how many car problems I have, no matter how much you left yourself go, the comeback is possible. IT IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE. The question then is, will you buckle and take the loss, or focus on making that comeback you know you can achieve?

Get out there boners, keep fighting, keep earning, keep saving, keep spending, keep accumulating happiness equity. Remember, the answer lies, in the heart of battle.

Get boning!

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