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You need a side piece. For money that is! You need to have another source of income besides your main job. I think it is a necessity these days, and with so many active and passive options, there's no reason not to have at least one. It is tough to find one you like enough to invest time in though. Besides slow plays like Applike, I also currently use Swagbucks and Perk(reviews of both coming soon). At some point though, I did retail arbitrage. I looked for clearance games at stores like Walmart, then flipped them on Amazon for profit. I haven't done that in almost two years, but the motivation to continue making side money increased a lot from there. Where did I find the inspiration and idea? Side Hustle Nation.

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I listen to audio books and podcasts on my way to work ever day. I like self-improvement and finance books, and side money podcasts. Side Hustle Nation is one of my favorites. Owner NIck Loper interviews successful entrepreneurs who turned a side business into full-time income, and other motivational individuals. It was an episode on his podcast more than two years ago that inspired me to try Amazon FBA.

I mentioned before that I will not have all the resources for everything, but I will point you to experts when I know of them, and believe that their resources can help you. I highly recommend you go to the Side Hustle Nation website, peruse the blog, and I guarantee you will find at least one article that catches your eye. There is currently a post about someone who flips Sneakers every month and making $10,000! He also delves into productivity, health, technology, just so many things. I recommend starting with the post linked below, which has stories from 25 different entrepreneurs on how they made their first side income.

First Side Money

Side Hustle Nation and Nick Loper get a hard solid recommendation to your boner success toolkit. Subscribe to his podcast, you won't regret it.

Get boning!

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