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Quickie - Sonic Mania Collector's Edition Unboxing

I was really excited to get this one in! I put in the pre-order for this thing last September according to Amazon. It was actually the cheapest there at the time. Let's open this big sucker up!

The nostalgia you feel as soon as you see the box is intense. It looks like a huge, square shaped Sega Genesis cartridge box(the first ones). I didn't expect it to be this big, but it has to so it can fit the huge 12' Sonic statue inside. Once you open the box you'll find...another box inside, that looks just like the outside box, but sturdy, and with no console branding. I really like this, as no matter what version you got, the real meat and potatoes are the same.

Inside the box you will find the aforementioned Sonic statue, a download code for your system of choice, a replica non-working Sonic Mania Genesis cartridge, and a metal Sonic Mania card. I have yet to test the sound effects on the Sonic statue, as it doesn't include batteries(couldn't pony up the 25 cents huh Sega?!), and I don't have any available currently. The statue is a marvel to behold. It feels very sturdy, it is well made with no flimsy feeling parts, and above all else, it's stable. You can be confident this sucker will not buckle while on your desk.

The Genesis cartridge is a nice touch. The connector on the bottom slides all the way in if held upside down, otherwise you will see it sticking out of the bottom a little bit. You can slide out the connector to reveal a large "Golden" ring inside. The part that holds the ring is made of really cheap plastic, like the kind that is used in toy packages. The ring itself is pretty sturdy. As for the metal card...I'm not sure what the motivation was there. It is a nice touch, well made with Sonic on the front, Tails and Knuckles on the back. I just don't see the point. I thought this is where the game code would be, but it is on a separate piece of paper. I would have preferred a download code for the game soundtrack, which is awesome so far.

I have only played the game for about an hour so far on my Xbox One, but so far it is great. Everything feels polished. I will try to produce a more comprehensive review on it soon. The Collector's Edition retails for $59.99, which is $40 more than the game itself. I would say it is worth it for what you get. The extra items are very well made, and I can't wait to find a spot in my hour to display that amazing box. Time to run!

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