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Get Paid to Play Marvel Contest of Champions & Others - AppLike Review

Get paid to play. Those of you in the early days of the net will remember Heat.Net, a company that advertised exactly that. A company is offering to compensate you to play games on your Android or iOS devices. How can that work? Read on.

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AppLike is an "App Discovery Platform Powered by Audience Targeting", per the company's website. Android and iOS for now, this review is for the Android version. This doesn't really sell anyone does it? Per the app store, AppLike pays your points for using and discovering new apps, mostly games. It is very similar to platforms like Swagbucks and Perk. They receive a commission from developers when you install their app through their platform, and they pass on a percentage of that onto you. The difference here, is that most apps pay you to install and run a game once, Applike pays for further engagement. This makes sense, due to the fact that a more engaged user is more likely to make an in-app purchase, and the more you play, the more you'r engaged so...

AppLike works like this: it goes through your installed apps/games, and recommends games that are similar for you to try. You install from their suggested list, and you earn Mcoins on varying intervals of game playing time. As I mentioned in the title, Marvel Contest of Champions is one of the games. I have all four of MyVegas games, as well as WWE Champions puzzle game, which I'm sure is why the recommended list of games for me was just casino games and Marvel Contest of Champions. I actually played it for quite a while when it launched a few years back, so it was an easy way to get back into the game. Any app that is already installed won't be on their list, so make sure you uninstall it if you see if on my list below. They also added the recently released Final Fantasy 15 mobile game, which I now have an excuse to try.

I restored my previous account, so they aren't looking for new users it seems, just app engagement. When you first load up a game, you get paid a few Mcoins in a couple of minutes. Mcoins are roughly 100 for $.01 US. The more times you earn from a game, the longer it takes for each payout. This leads me to believe that AppLike doesn't want to pay you to play a single app forever, it wants you to discover new things. I played quite a bit of Marvel, as well as the three casino slot games. I like looking at bonuses, and all mobile slot games have an "auto spin" feature, so I like letting it run for a bit until I see a bonus, and that can be a good amount of time, earning Mcoins for this passive activity is quite a boon.

So the important questions is, does it work? Yes! I already cashed out $5. They do payouts through Paypal, I got it a little under 24 hours after I requested the money. As the picture shows, they pay out in Euros, but it is then converted to US money. Is it a ton of money? No, but you are getting paid to play games. It took me about two weeks of playing about an hour of Marvel per day, and about two hours of passive slot action. I currently have about $.70 worth of Mcoins earned, and will continue playing the games every once in a while to earn more. I highly recommend installing the app and giving it a go. I don't know what apps it looks for to trigger the results, but I would recommend you have one slot machine game besides the ones listed above, and one match three games to get the suggestions I got.

Up until now, I have posted referral-free links to start. This time I am changing it up. The first link below is my referral link. I do this because AppLike has an interesting "point sharing" system. Whereas most companies provide a percentage to the person getting the referral, Applike pays a percentage both ways. This means you get a percentage of what I make, and vice versa. Of course, I also a referral-free link below it. You earn what is currently a 4000 Mcoin, or $.40 bonus to start.

Referral link - You make 25% of what I make and vice versa

Referral-free link - No extras

This app definitely comes with a hard recommendation guys. Regardless of how you choose to get the app, get out there, play some games and make some extra money!

Get boning!

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