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Save 30% on Xbox and Playstation 4 Games This Week - Target Deal

This week only, you can save 30% on Xbox One and Playstation 4 games at Target. It is a rare chance to save on games without a membership. This is an in-store only deal. Here are the details.

If you pre-order a game this week for $1 using one of their pre-order cards, you can get 30% off on any Xbox or Playstation 4 game. You are not obligated to fully purchase the pre-order. You can pre-order Mario Odyssey for instance, but you don't have to return to Target to complete that purchase. You can also stack the 5% Red Card discount at the end for more savings! Simple enough right? I won't make it a habit of dedicating an entire post for one deal, but this is a very open deal, and almost no cost of entry. Here are some suggestions to maximize this opportunity:

  • Purchase a recent release that you want but hasn't been on sale yet. Crash Bandicoot for instance? Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 comes out August 8 as well.

  • Clearance. It isn't excluded from this. The selection is so varied, I can't give specifics, but look around!

  • FIFA 17 currently has a 50% off Cartwheel offer. At the moment this stacks, so you can get it for $14.99

  • If you have Gift Cards, now is the time to use them!

This deal is good until August 12, so get out there, check those clearance sections, find those gems! Save that money, so you can use it for other games and goodies. This deal is a solid, hard, opportunity.

Get boning!

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