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Quickie: One Example of Getting The Most Out of a Game Purchase

I've mentioned before that the most valuable dollar is the one in your pocket. It's the reason I always want you to get the most out of every penny you spend. Here is a quick example of what I mean with that. I will detail all the steps I haven't yet at a future date, but I want you to get excited! An extra beer in your hand is worth more to me than $50 in any company's pocket.

Tekken 7 came out almost one month ago. I really want to play it. I am already registered to play three games at Evo though, so I know I won't be able to play it until after it's over. Hence, it didn't need to be a "day one" purchase for me. I was sad, as Best Buy had a steelbook available for the first batch they sold. It wasn't enough though, so I waited. This week, the game is on sale at Best Buy, down to $50 from $60. I also accumulated $5 in rewards certificates though GCU, and have a $10 gift card I earned from one of my mobile apps. I mentioned affiliate sites/shopping portals before briefly, I will explain how I used it this time.

That is the total I paid. I even got the steelbook! That isn't enough for me though. Here are the specifics I got from this purchase:

Southwest Rapid Rewards gives 0.5 miles on every $ spent at Best Buy, even if it's a gift card purchase.

My credit card pays 1.25% on $ spent.

Best Buy GCU along with my elite plus status will award me 5% towards rewards certificates for non-giftcard $ spent.

This means I got 17 miles for Southwest, $0.31 from my credit card, and $1.20 towards rewards certificates from Best Buy. These are pennies, but when you stack it on top of the fact I paid $27.70 with tax for a $60 game...more money for me! More money for other games, tech, food, beer, whatever. I will go into more details on Shopping Portals and Mobile Apps at a later date. I just want you to get excited, and always think about YOUR money, for everything you buy. Get the most out of it.

Get boning!

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