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Devolver Digital E3 Press Conference - A Hilarious View on Gaming

"Give us your hard earned money." I want Nina Struthers to narrate the bad stuff I do, because she will make it funny as hell and acceptable. This presentation is the one part that made me miss E3. I've been to E3 twice, once as a consumer, and once as press. Things have changed a lot since I last went in 2011. To be honest I hadn't really heard much of Devolver Digital, but I am now a believer in the company itself. After a great intro that included quite a few jokes on things that are wrong with gaming, which included her firing a few gun shots, the short but sweet presentation continued. It was very NSFW, so if you start playing the video, be prepared. Video is linked on the logo.

Devolver Digital Logo

One of the amazing things about this presentation is that only about a quarter of it was game footage, if that. That is one of the things that is wrong with modern E3 presentations, lack of games! However, the whole thing was so genuine, and so well done, that I didn't care. Horrible business practices are abundant in the gaming industry, and we have to watch out for them. The Devolver Digital crew went after this and more, including things we as gamers do sometimes(good ole forums). We don't always make the best purchase decision, however I know not every purchase is black and white. We have different likes as people, and sometimes the things we look forward to the most, in every area of life, is in control of people who do not have our best interest in mind. For every Persona 5, there is a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. For every Titanfall 2, there is a Batman: Arkham Knight.

They went after pre-orders, early access, horrible game ideas, and many more. They only showed two games, and that's OK. The presentation alone was enough to make me really like this company. I will go into this in more detail later, but I truly believe in rewarding companies and businesses who take care of consumers or put in extra effort to bring happiness to people. I own only one Devolver Digital game, Shadow Warrior on Xbox One. I can tell you that from now on, I will pay closer attention to their releases, and get anything that looks interesting. You may be thinking, "well duh". I don't make decisions that easily. I REALLY want to play Modern Warfare Remastered, but I will not be forced to buy a bundle to get it, or pay $40 for it. Any money in your pocket or mine, is worth a hell of a lot more than that money in a crummy company's pocket. I will, however, finish Shadow Warrior, and get Shadow Warrior 2 as soon as that happens.

Let's support good business. I am not condoning blindly purchasing stuff from Devolver Digital, but really give them a chance. They earned that from me, and so far are one for one with the amazing Shadow Warrior. Also, yes, I know it wasn't a live presentation at E3. I would be so pumped to meet up with them and their fans at the event though. Those would be some awesome nights.

Get boning!

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