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SNES Classic Announced - Excitement and Dread at Once

Nintendo will continue to cash in on our nostalgia this fall. They just announced the "classic" edition of the mighty Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Releasing on September 29, 2017, it will include two controllers, two controllers, HDMI cable, AC adapter, and 21 pre-loaded games for $79. It sounds like a damn good deal actually. Here are some opinions and views you won't find in a regular article with the big gaming sites.

SNES Classic Main

My first console was the original NES. I had read the rumors about the release of the "classic" edition of the SNES, and was excited about the idea. The SNES era was an amazing one. An era full of Blockbuster Video rentals, amazing games in almost all genres, and an as-of-then unheard of level of creativity in game design. I finished Super Mario World at least 20 times. I was enthralled finding the different ways of getting through Super Castlevania 4(until I realized the sub-weapons were pretty redundant). I played what is, until this day, my favorite RPG ever, Final Fantasy 6. These games, along with the ones you see below are included with the SNES Classic. What's not to love right? Let's give the games a fair present day value of $5 a piece(screw you, Virtual Console prices). That is $105 in games alone! Every single one of them being a solid purchase in its own right. I'm hoping the controller cords are longer than 3 feet this time of course. For $89, everything considered, it is an amazing value. An amazing gift for anyone remotely interested in gaming. You know damn right that I want one. So...

SNES Classic Games

I own an NES Classic. I remember the...process that was necessary for a consumer to get their hands on one. The amount of stock available was laughable. Amazon released a limited amount of the console at the same time for five days. I tried every single day, at the moment announced. I got nothing. I was constantly checking Best Buy, Target, etc. Nothing. The only reason I have one, is because I got extremely lucky. My amazing wife found out about our local Amazon store getting stock from someone she knows early on the day it happened. She drove there and bought me one. I continued trying to get one, all through Christmas, because I knew my brother wanted one. No luck. For reference, I own almost every single Amiibo that Nintendo has released, even some of the rarest ones. I'm good at getting limited supply items. I could not get an NES Classic.

This is why a moment that should be filled with nothing with nostalgic joy for me is also joined by dread. I am dreading the process of getting one. I want to replay these games. I don't want to pay more than retail for the system. It is a damn shame that Nintendo is putting this burden on us fans. The NES Classic situation mirrored that of an amazing Black Friday deal, except it was just MSRP. Nintendo has stated that they will be making a good amount more of these compared to the NES Classic. However, until we get to release date, who knows how many that means. Scalpers are already getting ready to pounce on this. It's a smart move on their part. It's simple supply and demand.

I will not always have the info you need. I know I don't have the reach of some other sites, nor the time and resources. My goal is for you to get the info you need, even if it's from someone else. To that end, to prepare for the launch of the SNES Classic, I suggest you do the following:

  • Follow Cheapassgamer on Twitter. I have found so many rare items and deals because of them. One of my best ones is the Deux Ex Mankind Divided Collector's Edition for $38 last fall.

  • Bookmark this thread in the Cheapassgamer forums. It will be updated with all pre-order links as they are found. Note that some of the content is NSFW, so watch it.

  • Check your own social network, if you know anyone in retail that sells video games, try to get alerts from them.

I wish you the best of luck in getting an SNES Classic. Let's hope that Nintendo keeps its word and releases an ample supply of these. They already stated that they will end production at the end of the year so...the hunt begins. Let's get on it, tell a friend once you get one, and let's help each other get one. Finally being able to play Star Fox 2 in a non-emulator way. Come on Nintendo, don't screw us! This will make an amazing gift for the holidays. I'm certain that it will be the best $89 you will spend, as the gift will be greatly appreciated.

Get boning!

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