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amFilm Nintendo Switch Screen Protector Review - A Great Frugal Solution?

There were rumors at the launch of the Nintendo Switch that the included dock could scratch the system's screen. I left the unit in the dock for almost a month before I took it out. I was paranoid, but I don't like using screen protectors. The installation process annoys me, and I always seem to have bubbles on my system. In this case, I felt like i had no choice. I went on Amazon to look for a cost effective solution, and I found this unit by amFilm.

amFilm Nintendo Switch Screen Protector Main

It is a glass screen protector, promising minimal bubbles after install. It comes with two protectors, promises durability, low glare and a very clear image. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive, and at time of purchase two months ago, it had a $10.99 price tag. I pulled the trigger and anxiously waited its arrival. amFilm started off on the right foot, emailing me a thank you and a link to a video showing how to install the screen protector. I watched the video, and it looked super simple. I've read instruction manuals claiming the same before however, and have still had issues, so I was still wary. The unit finally arrived, and here are the contents:

amFilm Nintendo Switch Screen Protector Contents

Not exactly, it comes with two screen protectors. It's standard screen protector fare: microfiber cloth, wet screen cleaner, dry cloth to dry, and squeegee to help remove bubbles. It is recommended to do it in an area with no dust, so I did the install in my bathroom. I was terrified, and really glad the package came with two protectors, in case I really messed up the install. The handles on the protector made it really easy to position, and eventually install. I wiped the screen with the microfiber cloth, used the wet and dry cloths, and proceeded to install. I did better than I thought I would.

amFilm Nintendo Screen Protector Applied

The holes are aligned perfectly, and it looks great. I lifted up the protector once, and then moved it a bit to align it better before firmly placing it on the Switch. I used the squeegee, and voila. This is a picture after using it for two and a half months. There are no cracks, and no scratches. I use my Switch almost exclusively as a portable now since I finished Zelda: Breath of the WIld, and it's holding up perfectly. There is not much glare from it, I have tried it indoors at night, during the day next to a sunny window, and I can't notice much if any image degradation.

The easy install, peace of mind, and very low cost makes this an easy recommendation for me to compliment your Nintendo Switch. It is currently $7.99 in the Amazon store. I believe the product is very fairly priced, and I want to give you recommendations that will save you money, and/or are worth so much of your money. This product's quality is up there with protectors from Zagg and the like. I did not need to contact their customer service, so I can't comment there. If I ever have to, I will update this article with my experience. The first image is a non-affiliate link to the product on Amazon.

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