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Google Opinion Rewards Review - Free App & Movie Money

Your time is the most valuable commodity you have, and you should get rewarded as much as possible for any time you use for any company. YouTube already asks questions between some videos, how about getting paid to answer them at your leisure instead?

Google Opinion Rewards is just that, an app for Android phones(sorry iOS users, no version there) that asks you questions based on your habits. They are usually based on where you have visited, mostly business visit related, and sometimes based on YouTube and search history. Depending on the amount of questions per survey, is how much the app will pay you. All payouts are done in Google Play credit. This is money you can use in the Google Play store to buy games, apps, music, and buy/rent movies. Most surveys are incredibly short, asking simple yes or no questions. Depending on your answer, is whether the survey will continue.

You may think this is an overly simple example, but this is already two questions in. I've gotten surveys that end after one question. The minimum payout I've gotten is $.10 for one answer. The most common question I've gotten is confirmation of visiting a specific business. Most of the time my answer is No, and the survey ends there. If I answer Yes, it will follow up with another question, something as simple as "If you made a purchase, how did you pay?" It takes a few seconds to answer at most, then I go about my day. It is the easy extra "money" I make on an almost daily basis. I've been on the program since 2013.

That is my latest rewards history. I've earned almost $150 over three years. I've used the credit on buying apps, games, and renting movies. There's been plenty a Friday night where I've been home with my wife, we've had a few drinks, and want to watch movie "X" that happens to not be on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. So I use my built-up credit to rent the movie, and we continue our night. For the last three or so years, I've had at least $10 worth of Google Play credit, which makes it easy to fulfill these spontaneous purchases. With the advent of so many Google based smart TVs, this credit becomes even more valuable, as you can login to your Google account, and rent/purchase right from your remote. You can download the app HERE.

Highly recommended, so you can always have credit for random rentals...or Hearthstone card packs. Whatever your heart desires. The only tip I have for you is something your parents told you growing up: DON'T LIE. I've read reports online about people who do just that trying to get longer surveys for more credit, and they eventually get blacklisted, getting no more surveys. As scary as it sounds, Google eventually finds out. Get their free money and go.

Get boning!

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