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Quickie Habit for Cash: Check Your Subscriptions!

Happy hump day! A big part of your regular Cash Boner happiness is having money. If I can save even one person enough money this month to buy $10 worth of gaming, beer, etc. I will have completed my mission here.

Did you know that a large percentage of the population pays for a subscription they don't use? Did you know that companies depend on this fact for extra cash? Did you know that I paid for over a year of EA Access without using it because I didn't cancel after the Dragon Age: Inquisition early access period? All of these are true. I blame no one but myself, but that was more than $50 I wasted. At least one full retail game!

There are so many services that are subscription based these days, it's hard not to forget you have one, heck, that you started a trial for one! Most people won't notice that extra $5 or so in a month, but add that up over a few months or a year...ugh. To give you a jump start, here is a list of every subscription I have:

  • Netflix

  • Hulu

  • WWE Network

  • PS Plus

  • Xbox Live Gold(Thankfully free, check here to see how)

  • HP Instant Ink

  • Amazon Prime

  • Crunch gym membership

I didn't count basic utilities and cell service since almost everyone has those. Holy crap, look at all that! It actually made me a bit sad looking at it, I could save so much money if I cancelled a few. That is why I make it a habit of checking my credit card transactions every three days now. Not only will I always catch any potential fraudulent transaction almost immediately, Every time I see a charge for a subscription, I evaluate whether I use it still or not, then I decide to keep it or cancel it.

These days there are so many other services other than the ones listed above: Apple Music, Youtube Red, Crunchy Roll, etc. I urge you to check your credit/bank statements at least once a month, and look at the money that goes out of it every month. If you haven't used it in two months or more, odds are you are giving money to some company for nothing. That is a near sin. Every win helps create more wins. Get those little wins, which will lead to bigger wins.

Get boning!

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