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Get Xbox Live Gold for Free With Microsoft Rewards

I apologize if the title seems click-baity. This isn't fake though. I promise that if I ever bring any apps, rewards programs/systems to your attention, it's because I used them, and will let you know with 100% honesty if they work or not. With that out of the way, let's get on with Microsoft Rewards and how you can use it to get Xbox Live Gold membership(among other things) for free.

Update 6/22: Microsoft has added Xbox Game Pass to it's list of rewards. It has the same point cost as Xbox Live Gold. Also, they are offering double the maximum search points per day until August 31. Get the DP!

Microsoft Rewards is a very simple concept. Microsoft wants to pay you to use their search engine. I was skeptical when I heard of this as well, but after more than a year of use and reward redemptions, I can say with confidence Microsoft Rewards does pay. I don't intend on paying a dime for Xbox Live Gold as long as this program is active. Here is how it works:

-Earn five points per search done on Bing, on any platform, up to 50 points per day. Once you hit 500 points in a single month, you reach level 2. The rules then change to the following, and will stay that way as long as you earn at least 500 points a month:

-Earn five points per search done on the Bing website on non-smartphone devices, up to a maximum of 150 points per day.

-Earn five points per search done on the Bing smartphone app, available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, up to a maximum of 100 points per day.

-Every day there will be a minimum of 10 bonus points for a specific search. There will sometimes be bonus quizzes, with 30 or 50 bonus points up for grabs.

That is an example of a day in Microsoft Rewards. As you can see, I've earned 240 points so far today. The max I could earn with searching on this particular day is 275. You can also earn 1 point per dollar spent in the WIndows, Xbox and Microsoft stores. I'm amazed at how low that payout that is. For most rewards, it is roughly 1,000 points per dollar. It's better than nothing, but if there are other options to get paid for your dollars spent(I will go over them at a later date), I would recommend you take them over this.

If you maximize your daily search rewards, you will average 270 points per day. I don't always maximize it every day, but I average about 200 points per day. If you are a gamer and you play on Xbox Live, I recommend redeeming for Xbox Live Gold membership. Let me show you examples of what you can redeem:

You can get a $5 Starbucks gift card for 5,250 points. This applies for Gamestop and Amazon as well. If you take my example of 200 points a day, I could get a $5 Starbucks gift card every 27 days. It isn't exciting, but it's free. It is such a habit now that I could just bank on those gift cards every 27 days. I could do this 14 times in a year, or $70 in gift cards. Not bad, but I think getting Xbox Live Gold membership is a better option. A three month membership($24.99 retail) is 15,000 points. A one year membership($59.99 retail) is 29,000 points. I can earn a year of Xbox Live Gold in 145 days, or about five months. I can earn two years worth of Xbox Live Gold every year. That's more exciting, isn't it?

You might be wondering how you can do that many searches per day. Heck, how can you think of so many search terms per day? My secret weapon in this fight, is the news that Bing curates to the bottom of the home page:

Each click counts as a search. If the results don't appeal to you, you don't have to go to the websites listed, but you still get the points. Not bad right? This changes throughout the day, so it's a nice way to get paid for keeping up with some news. These are usually popular search terms. Combine this with me searching for random things I need answered and/or am curious about, and I reach my daily search goals. I highly recommend Microsoft Rewards to get a little bit of a Cash Boner all the time, no matter what you are getting with your points. You get rewards about 24 hours after you redeem. Here is my last redemption:

Get on it, get your Cash Boners going! Nothing should make you more excited than free stuff! Sign up by clicking this non-referral link:

Get boning!

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